Total Logistics Solution


A month prior from departure
  •   Get a renewal of passport if expiration date is in less than six months.
  •   Double check on flight details and tickets
  •   Make sure to clear Condominium or sport center membership,
  •   Make a list of people to whom you will share the new contact information.
  •   Get medical checkup and proper translation of documents and certified.
  •   have all documentation needed for school and job ready, translated and notarized.
Two week Prior
  •   get rid of furniture you don’t need
  •   insurance, stock company, etc., contact them and inform them if the changes.
  •   Get school records, GPA
  •   get all vaccines needed for pets
  •   Get international driver’s license
  •   arrange that bills arrive at a new place or at an acquaintances’
A week prior
  •   Confirm flight information, flight number etc.
  •   if need to purchase something, make sure to check delivery dates
  •   pick up laundry or devices at repair shop
  •   rented items, to be returned
  •   cancel gas, water, phone services,
  •   bicycles, shoes, inline skates, vacuum cleaner’s tents etc., clean them up
  •   do not carry cigarettes or alcohol, give them away
  •   inform the administrative offices of your moving dates so there are no inconveniences
  •   Prepare the medication to be carried
  •   If there are changes to the items to be taken or shipped please contact our agent
Two days before
  •   Sort out the items that are sent to be abroad
  •   Important valuable items need to be packed separately and keep them with you
  •   Have all the paper work ready, for customs etc. and give it to the staff on the moving day
  •   take the curtains down
  •   dry the laundry
  •   laundry machine, air purifier, humidifiers, make sure they’re dry.
  •   Refrigerators, have then cleaned and dried
  •   prepare the stabilizing pin of drum washing machines
  •   The half dried products, such as dried anchovies, red paper paste powder etc, have them dried and put them inside air tight bags
  •   unpackable products, shall be given away, condiments , seasoners etc.
  •   have a back up for your computer disk drive. And remove ink toners from printers
  •   rice and dangerous items are banned from entering a different country so remove them
  •   make sure that you keep items that you will need almost immediately in a separate box easy to find and label it.
Packing day
  •   check the items that have been loaded
  •   tell the packing manager what are the things you need packing and not packing.
  •   If you could indicate which items from the list are in which room, it can help the whole process.
  •   there will be need for tools and equipment make sure to have them readily available.
  •   write down the address abroad and email address
  •   after all is packed, make sure to write that the total value of items, for insurance purpose.
  •   double check to see if items that were not supposed to be packed have been packed. .
  •   after everything has been packed and loaded double check that there is no other item left behind .
  •   Have all the customs paper work read for the staff.