Total Logistics Solution


Based on the experience of transporting display cargo, we provide safe and fast transportation. Our professional employees provide the FULL SERVICES with utmost responsibility.
ANEX, the BEST Logistics Solutions Provider of Overseas Exhibition Cargo
  • 01.Providing packaging and transportation serice based on a professional procedure

    a. Provide safety procedures by investing in effective equipment
    b. Provide transportation, storage and administration procedures considering the schedule of the exhibit or event
    c. Provide optimized services based on extensive experience and knowledge

  • 02.Provide “Door-to-Door Service” for exhibits and events

    a. Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding
    b. Transportation, Clearance, Documentation, Warehouse Operations and etc.

    ANEX guarantees on-time freight tracking services and on-time transportation performance, which is the most important aspects for events and display events. We will provide this kind of service from the start of such event, until the end.

    CARNET: This means that there is a customs-free pass to submit in clearance. ATA Carnet is the prime example of such that started occurring in WCO, 1961. It is to simplify the clearance process and exempt the cargo from taxation when importing exhibition materials or cargo periodically.
Service Information
Safe transportation of the event/exhibit cargo
As the exhibits and events contain invaluable and precious cargo, these need to be transported without any problems in any kind of situation
Local Support Service
Hence, ANEX provides a separate packaging team, vibration-less vehicles and convoys if needed.
We produce great results and outcomes to our customers in various ways with proactive service. We also always thank our customers that we cooperate within a harmonious atmosphere where both parties can win.