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Bonded logistics park

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What is BONDED LOGISTICS PARK(保稅物流園區) – It is a system created by the Chinese government that is focused on distribution innovation.
It has also solved the problem of the pre-existing trade system of China.
In other words, it has improved the capabilities of the bonded and export processing zones and it instituted the BONDED LOGISTICS PARK that includes both the function of the bonded zone and export processing zone as the FREE TRADE ZONE.
ANEX, the EXPERT in Bonded Logistics Park
  • 01.Major Function of the Bonded Logistics Park

    a. It carries both domestic and foreign cargo into the park and disassembles them as items individual item grouped and transported together by consolidation based on the destination.
    b. Delivering out of or within China after classifying, transporting and simple manufacturing of the imported cargo. It functions as an international delivery service.
    c. Functioning as international purchases, it processes the cargo brought into the country and then it is sold and transported to another country after manufacturing.
    The capital investment is exempted from tax when the produced item is included in the promoting item. However, if capital is from China itself, the VAT is only exempted when it is exported to the park and imported as a tax exempted capital investment.
  • 02.Utilization Effect: Reducing the Cost and The Logistics Channel

    When Company A uses bonded logistics, it does not need overseas shipping and it can go through the process of VAT refund after it was brought into the country. Therefore, it can enjoy VAT refund as it also reduces the foreign capital fee at the same time.