Total Logistics Solution

Advantages of service

Clean Services for Our Customers
Free Offer of antimicrobial cleaning of mattress
We package the mattresses after cleaning with antimicrobial vacuum as a first step.
This ensures the clean bed for your good health and new start of the customers after their arrival.
Free offer of customers’ disposable galoshoes
We provide disposable galoshoes when packing and arranging cargo as another step to make your day as comfortable as possible.
Free offer of basic cleaning after packaging and arrangement
We clean up the area after the packaging process using our high-tech vacuum
Services for Customer’s Satisfaction
Free offer of phytoncide dehumidifying agents
We pack the clothes using a phytoncide dehumidifying agent as a first step. This will prevent the damage that may be caused by humidity during transportation.
Free offer of PRIVATE BAG
We will provide a PRIVATE BAG in advance so that customers can pack their underwear, female products and baby clothes under privacy. We will not allow even the smallest inconvenience for our customer.
Free offer of garbage bag for cleaning
We offer a large garbage bag in your local packaging area to help you prepare for the inconvenience that you may face.
Free offer of small adaptors
We will provide you small Korean adaptors for small appliances that do not need big transformers such as hair dryers, toasters, phone charges, and small appliances for babies for your convenience
Services that touches our customers
Free offer of souvenir photograph
We will present you with a souvenir photograph that will take the last moment at your home.
Dispatch of one year anniversary e-mail
With ANEX’s love, we will send you emails in order to thank you and commemorate your happy future.
(For customers who will allow email reception)