Total Logistics Solution

Philosophy and CI

Customer satisfaction, advanced distribution, challenge!
We deliver fast and safe with economical transportation cost.
Create Upright Accompanying
Service to satisfy consumers
ANEX employes the ideology of having an upright competition and logistics consulting that always thinks of satisfying the needs of customers.
It provides the best service, the global network to reduce logistics cost, the latest distribution information systems and providing the best service to the world’s major ports and airports.
ANEX is doing an upright effort to create the value of customers in various logistics fields such as Project Cargo, Break Bulk, General Cargo, Consolidation, Door to Door Service, Container Transportation, Bonded Transportation and Clearance, Transporation, Storage, Logistics Consulting and International Freight Transportation.

In addition, it is building a foundation to develop as global logistics corporation with concentrated investment on foreign countries by building foreign logistics networks. It is implementing unstinted investment and education to train potential individuals specialized in logistics.

Based on this global logistics network and specialized efforts, ANEX will leap forward to a globally integrated logistics corporation that  ‘creates upright service for customer satisfaction’..

Meaning of ANEX
- AN – Last name of president An Tae Young
It shows the will to provide the best logistics service, risking the name of the president.

- Blue: Means ocean/ expresses global network on marine transportation
- Red: Means Sun/ expresses global network on air transportation
- Arrows: Means import and export/ expresses the directions to which it will work as
  a leading company in importing and exporting logistics around the world