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Information on claiming cargo insurance
- Transportation of overseas cargo is completed by combining two or more means of transport. This insurance covers the risk of cargo loss during transportation
- To get a fair amount, you must register your cargo value as a rule. Thus, we offer insurance and insurance claims.
How to register
- Write down the insurance fee for each item based on the purchase price and period of use
- The written price becomes the maximum insurance fee that the customer may claim in case of an accident. The insurance fee
  cannot go over the purchase price. Kindly enter the appropriate amount based on the purchase price and depreciation.
- Consultation of the compensation by the insurance company starts with checking the current value of the damaged item.
  The price that goes over the fair value of the goods is not guaranteed its insurance fee.
Application for an insurance policyInsurance on Cargo
Information on claiming cargo insurance
ANEX LOGISTICS will do its best to transport the cargo safely. In case of loss, we will do everything that we can to compensate you as soon as possible.
Necessary Documents in case of damage and loss of the items
Necessary Documents

1) Insurance Bill
2) Notice of Insurance Accident
3) Identification Card
4) Copy of the customer’s bankbook
5) Picture of the damage
6) Other essential documents

Insurance claimInsurance consent form
Documentation of Insurance Accident
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