Total Logistics Solution


ANEX provides safe and rapid allocation services from ordinary truck transportation to customized transportation services based on the characteristics of the cargo such as bonded transportation, railroad transportation, container loading low bed or slide bed.
Trucking charge, SUPERIOR Service
  • 01.Optimized freight transportation consultancy

    We provide safe and rapid transportation services by planning the carriage of cargo on different truck models
Introduction of Service
With ANEX, our customers do not worry with the procedures on loading the cargo and what kind of truck to use when transporting. Our professional freight allocation team will give you the suggestions based on their loading plans and rational costs.
Business based on network
A total service that combines our warehouses and transportation

Transportation service
cost reduction through fixed route transportation truck of point-to-point

Business linked to import and export
Connection business that combines Freight Forwarding and inland W&D (Full Line Service System)

We aim to give you the optimized solution on factory distribution, establishment and application of the fulfillment of such plans based on the conditions of the regions.

Major logistics hub
information on hubs
- 1 ton/ 2.5 ton/ 11 ton/ wing body/ freeze, refrigerator tower/ 20 ton reputation/ able to transport in between low bed
- processing allocation and transportation in collaboration with distinguished transportation businesses and vehicles