Total Logistics Solution


  • QWhen’s the best time to start the packing process for Overseas moving?
  • ATake the shipping duration time out from the date your shipping is supposed to arrive. Every country has different policies, if you haven’t arrived,
                 (gone through immigration and customs), it means you have not been cleared, it is better you consult with our sales specialist and select the date
  • QIs it possible to move on weekends?
  • AA If you are to move on a weekend, we can provide the weekend team service. The sales agent will be also on duty to visit your home in order to
                 overlook the entire moving process.
  • QHow many people from the packing crew are coming?
  • AFor over 20cbm packing, four crew members will be scheduled and for 10cbm two will arrive. If the automated ladder car is needed, the driver for
                 the vehicle will join the crew. In case, there are many kitchen items, you can expect a female staff to join as well.
  • QWhat about the staff’s meal?
  • ABecause our staff will have their lunch elsewhere, our customers may not need to worry about it.
  • QDo I need to tip the staff?
  • AReceiving tips from customers is against company policy.
  • QWhen does the packing process end?
  • AIt varies depending on the environment, the load of items to be moved but, on average for a 20FT load, around 16:00 hrs, for 1 ton-truck the
                 morning is enough to finish up packing, and for small loads a couple of hours is enough.
  • QIs it possible to receive packing service when it rains or snow?
  • ARegardless of the weather condition, packing services are available. We start the process from packing at home, the freight preparation, stuffing
                 containers also occur inside a warehouse, in other words, our job isn’t affected by the weather.
  • QWhy does the actual moving service bill exceeds the moving estimates?
  • AIf the customer purchases additional items to be moved at the time of drafting the estimate, the actual moving bill will increase. Also, by adding
                 any for packing, or when warehouse for storage services is requested, more staff and crew are needed for the job, therefore, the bill
                 will be increased. Make sure to receive an accurate consultation from our staff, before you request the moving services.
  • QHow can I pay for the moving cost?
  • AThere are two options for payment.
                 It could be done domestically, or cleared at arrival, abroad. If the customer prefers to clear the bill abroad, after deducting the deposit amount,              the 50% of the total should be provided in Korea and the remaining 50%, can be clear with our offices abroad with the local currency.
                 In case the customer prefers to clear the account overseas, the bill shall be cleared after the shipment has been cleared by customs and the exact
                 delivery date has been set.
  • QDo I need to vacuum pack the bedsheets?
  • AAt arrival, if customs decide to inspect the vacuum-packed items, there is a risk of items getting misplaced or being contaminated from substances
                 in the area, therefore it is recommended not to do so.
  • QDo you issue cash receipts? (For tax purposes)?
  • AMulti-modal freight agencies do not fall under any category, therefore issuing cash receipts are not possible. But we do offer receipts under the
                 customer’s name.
  • QWill you keep it free when you move abroad?
  • AIt is possible to store items at the Anex Paju Distribution Center or Ansung Distribution Center for a month without any charge.
                 For additional storage, please consult the agent in charge for extra chages.
  • QIf my departure date has been modified, should I inform you?
  • AIf the customer hasn’t arrived when the freight has, there is a possibility your shipment will not be cleared, and in that case, additional charges for
                 shipment storage and other might occur. To avoid these inconveniences, you may please contact our office and confirm departure date, so we
                 could arrange the rest of the process.
  • QWhat if the destination address hasn’t been decided yet?
  • AEven though there isn’t a clear destination address, the shipping service can still be provided. The company will use its partner's company address
                 as customer’s destination address, to go through customs. When an address can be provided, the customer shall contact our offices abroad
                 and the shipping will be delivered accordingly. When there isn’t an address to be provided, we ask our customers to provide us the contact
                 information of their friends or relatives residing locally.
  • QIs there a tax that I need to pay while going through customs?
  • AIn most countries, house-moving goods are exempt from tax but since it varies from country to country, depending on the visa and type of goods,
                 tax laws can be applied. Please consult our Anex Consultant for more detailed information.
  • QIs there an additional charge at arrival?
  • AThere aren’t any additional charges at arrival, but if there’s a customs inspection taking place at arrival, there might be a customs inspection fee.
                 Since the fee is charged directly to the customer by the customs office, we aren’t able to know the exact fee before actually going through
  • QAt the time of delivery, is there any Korean staff available?
  • AIn countries where there are many Korean residents, a Korean local manager can be assigned to assist. But for exact details and information,
                 our professional consultant shall be contacted.
  • QDo I need to send several shipments of items?
  • ABecause house-moving goods are subject to custom inspections, the duration of residence as well as the frequency of items going through
                 customs is regarded as important. Each country has its own policies and they might differ, please feel free to consult our agents.
  • QI signed a "DOOR TO DOOR" service contract, does that mean, just like domestically, I am provided with a complete unpacking service?
  • AAverage moving service includes, the delivery of shipment to be moved inside the house. But the unpacking process, re-assembling etc,
                should be done by the customer, if the customer needs this service, an additional cost shall be added.
  • QIf I have been compensated by my insurance company for damage of items, Am I entitled to receive a second compensation for

    additional damage incurred?

  • AIf you have already submitted a compensation request to the insurance company, or it is being process as well as receiving the compensation,
                 a secondary request will not be approved. Please make sure to carefully check your items and then, submit the request for compensation