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Customs clearance

With the globally optimized network and distribution professionals of ANEX, you will experience entirely different clearance services
ANEX has extensive clearance experience and knowledge as it is also affiliated with various cooperating customs brokers and customs corporations. Therefore, it provides the fastest and best clearance services.
ANEX, the Customs Clearance Expert
  • 01.Import and Export Clearance Service

    Fast and precise processing of clearance through the ties with various cooperating customs brokers and customs corporations
  • 02.Customs Refund Service

    Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we will provide you a simple and smooth processing of customs refunds
  • 03.Classification of Items and FTA Clearance Consulting

    With clearance consulting that provides information about clearance and import customs benefit, it allows the competitive power of products to be maximized
Import and Export Clearance Service
Flow of Export Customs Clearance
Flow of Import Customs Clearance
Customs refund service
Information on service
Location of major customs
Information of location of the customs
  • Seoul Main Customs - Anyang Customs, Paju Customs, Seongnam Customs, Cheongju Customs, Cheonan Customs
  • Incheon Main Customs - Incheon International Airport Customs, Ansan Customs, Suwon Customs, Gimpo Airport Customs
  • Daegu Main Customs - Gumi Customs, Pohang Customs, Ulsan Customs, Sokcho Customs, Donghae Customs
  • Gwangju Main Customs - Gunsan Customs, Mokpo Customs, Kwangyang Customs, Yeosu Customs, Jeju Customs, Jeonju
  • Busan Main Customs - Yangsan Customs, Bukbusan Customs, Kimhae Airport Customs, Masan Customs, Changwon
      Customs, Southern Kyungnam Customs, Western Kyungnam Customs