Total Logistics Solution

Air freight

meet ANEX’s aviation service that provides optimized service.
ANEX is a corporation that still carries numerous air freight cargo, fueled by our long-time experience.
We always held a lead in a fast changing aviation market by using strategic contracts with 50 major airlines and air consolidation businesses.
We will always provide you with customized service projects and optimized air services.
Air service of ANEX is exceptional
  • 01.Suggest Total Logistics Services

    Provide the air cargo solutions by using the ANEX network around the world.
  • 02.Specialized Services based on customer’s business and characteristics of cargo

    Offering a specialized service after consulting air cargo professionals and analysis of cargo characteristics
  • 03.Web-based tracing of Cargo and various goods

    Provides the customer informative web-based cargo freight tracing service
  • 04.Possible with air freight monitoring

    Continuous monitoring by officer in charge until the cargo is delivered to the site of request
Service Product
Container Service
Type Description
Service for timely transportation Transport within the deadline suggested by the customer through strategic alliance
     with major airlines and checking various routes.
Consolidation service Provide competitive consol fare through strategic alliance with related partners
Special cargo handling service
(alive animals, corruptible freights, dangerous products)
Professional service through administration of task force with
     accumulated know-hows
Door to Door service Total agency service that packs, transports and clears with broad foreign networks.
Service for combination of aviation and marine Service that combined the advantages of two transportation mode and is
     faster than marine and cheaper than aviation.
Introduction of service
ANEX will provide 'the best service and best customer satisfaction' by maximizing its experience in air import and export business.

- One-Stop Transporting Logistics Service
- Re-Forwarding Service
- Sea & Air Logistics Service
Air freight based on level
ANEX has its own warehouse provides a One-Stop service that oversees all import and export processes in air freight. Based on the rich experience and the knowledge of ANEX, the air distribution professionals will spend rational costs and provide safe transportation in order to achieve continuous customer satisfaction.
RFF is a service that transports the cargo unloaded in the air transportation process to a specific destination by plane. We will provide you RFF service by considering various factors such as airport conditions, aviation fees, considering various routes, deadlines, distance and transshipment options.

We will provide you with the economical freight transportation method by using the extensive international network of ANEX.
(Sea & Air Logistics)
SAL Service is one that combines the advantage of marine transportation and air transportation. An example involves having to transport cargo from China to Korea by sea and then transferring the cargo to Europe by flight. Another example involves cargo being transported by sea from Korea to the USA, then transporting the cargo by flight to Europe. This reduces the transportation fees and time compared to using just one service.
Advantage of service
ANEX’s own warehouse contains a loading dock for mixed transportation cargo which is then able to rapidly process the loading and unloading and storage of the goods.
In addition, it can quickly load the cargo as we have a branch located in the airport.
With the internationally trustworthy air network of ANEX, we provide excellent air service that continues to move forward.
Information Regarding Aircraft
: width X length X height)
weight - 70KG PER BOX
Maximum Cargo Volume: 10 Tons
Impossible to use forklifts when loading / unloading cargo (Operated with human labor only)
Since the cargo of the customers are prioritized first, there are many cases in which other cargo
could not be loaded. Example: In a case where there are many small traders or golf tourists, or
when the flight passengers have their own luggage, it is impossible to load general cargo.
: width X length X height)
Possible to use forklifts when loading
/ unloading cargo.
Maximum Cargo Volume: 30 Tons
Possible to use forklifts when loading / unloading cargo.
Since the cargo of the customers are prioritized first, shipping capacity can be changed based
on the current space situation for that aircraft
: width X length X height)
the maximum length possible is 600CM
There are two classes of freighters, one being a 50-ton class and a 100-ton class
Based on pallets, about 8 can be loaded in 50-ton class freighters.
Based on pallets, about 10 to 15 can be loaded in 100-ton class freighters

Types of ULD
-LD3 510KG
-M 1
-Pallet (280X220X290CM) maximum weight: 5 ton/ pallet
Available amount of pallet to be loaded: 10~15 pallet
ULD Type(IATA Code) Max Capacity
(Tare Weight)
Dimention(Inch) Utility Loading possible aircraft Type
LD3 Garment Container
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 General Cargo Garment B747 / B747F
MD11 / MD11F B777
(Lower Deck Only)
LD3 Refrigerated Container(RKE)
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 Perishable CGO
Freeze Cargo
LD3 Refrigerated Container(RKN)
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 Perishable CGO
Freeze Cargo
Equipped with Automated
Temperature System
LD6 Container(ALF)
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 General Cargo
LD9 Container(AAP)
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 General Cargo
LD9 Refrigerated Container(RAP)
60.4 X 61.5 X 64 Perishable CGO
Freeze Cargo
GM1 Container(AMA)
96 X 125 X 96 General CGO Garment B747F
(Main Deck Only)
MD11F M1 Container(AMJ)
96 X 125 X 96 General CGO Garment MD11F, B747F
(Main Deck Only)
Horse Stall(HMA)
96 X 125 X 94.5 Hordes B747F
(Main Deck Only)
MD11F Horse Stall(HMC)
96 X 125 X 94.5 Hordes MD11F, B747F
(Main Deck Only)
ULD PALLET Information
ULD Type(IATA Code) Max Capacity
(Tare Weight)
Dimention(Inch) Utility Loading possible aircraft Type
88Inch Pallet (PAP, PAG)
88 X 125 Genenal Cargo B747 / B747F
MD11 / MD11F B777
A300, A330
96Inch Pallet (PMC)
96 X 125 Genenal Cargo
Half Pallet (PLB)
60.4 X 125 General Cargo B747F, MD11F
MD11, MD11F
A300, A330, B777
(Lower Deck Only)
16FT Pallet (PZA)
96 X 196 General, Long
& Heavy Cargo
B747F, MD11F
(Main Deck Only)
20FT Pallet (PGE, P7E)
96 X 238.5 General, Long
& Heavy Cargo
B747F, MD11F
(Main Deck Only)
Aircraft Type Forward After Bulk
B747-400 104 X 66 44 X 47
B777-200 101.9 X 64.0 67.0 X 64.0 45 X 36
A380 122.48 X 68 109.96 X 68 44.5 X 39.37
A330-200 106.3 X 66.8 107.1 X 66.2 37 X 42
A300-600 96 X 68 71 X 68 37.4 X 37.4
Narrow Body
B737-800/900 N/A 48 X 35
Commission cities of Incheon International Airport
84 airlines, 55 countries, 185 cities (16. Q2 standard)
Airlines Code
Name of airlines Nationality Rep. contact Airport contact IATA ICAO
아시아나항공 S7 airline Russia 02-6399-6500 010-6884-5644 S7 SBI
가루다인도네시아항공 Garuda Indonesia Indonesia 02-773-2092 032-744-1991 GA GIA
대한항공 Korean Air Korea 1588-2001
(Reservation/ticket of issue)
032-742-7654 KE KAL
델타항공 Delta Air Lines U.S.A 02-754-1921 032-744-6307 DL DAL
라오항공 Lao Airlines Laos 02-6262-0808~0810 032-743-3585 QV LAO
로얄 에어 모로코 Air Morocco Morocco - - AT RAM
루프트한자항공 Lufthansa Airlines Germany 02-6022-4228 070-8686-2560 LH DLH
만다린항공 Mandarine Airlines Taiwan 032-743-1513 032-743-1513 AE MDA
말레이시아항공 Malaysia Airlines Malaysia 02-7750-952 032-743-0883 MH MAS
몽골항공 Mongol Airlines Mongolia 02-756-9761 032-744-6800 OM MGL
미국남부화물항공 Southern Air U.S.A 032-742-9257 032-742-9257 9S SOO
베트남항공 Vietnam Airlines Vietnam 02-757-8920 032-744-6565~6 VN HVN
비엣젯항공 Viet Jet Air Vietnam 02-319-4560 032-743-0370 VJ VJC
사천항공 Sichuan Airlines China 02-733-8778 032-743-5211 3U CSC
산동항공 Shandong Airlines China 032-743-8202~3 032-743-8202~3 SC CDG
상하이항공 Shanghai Airlines China 02-518-0330 032-744-3780 FM CSH
세부퍼시픽항공 Sebu-pacific Airlines Philippines 02-3708-8599, 8998 032-743-5705,5698 5J CEB
솔라시드 항공 Solaseed Air Japan 070-7545-2676 070-7545-2676 6J SNJ
스카이 앙코르 항공 Sky Angkor Airlines Cambodia 02-752-2633 ZA SWM
스쿠트타이거항공 Scoot-Tiger Air Singapura 02-3483-5423 032-743-2537 TR TGW
실크웨이웨스트항공 Silk Way West Airlines Azerbaijan 02-779-8864 02-779-8864 7L AZQ
심천항공 Shenzhen Airlines China 02-773-9233 032-744-3255 ZH CSZ
싱가포르항공 Singapore Airlines Singapore 02-755-1226 032-744-6500~2 SQ SIA
씨에어 Sea Air Philippines 632 8490101 632 8490101 XO SGD
아메리칸항공 American Airlines U.S.A 02-3483-3909 032-743-7260~3 AA AAL
아시아나항공 Asiana Airlines Korea 1588-8000
(Reservation/ticket of issue)
032-744-2135~6 OZ AAR
아틀라스항공 Atlas Airlines U.S.A 02-752-6310 032-743-5220,3 5Y GTI
알리탈리아 항공 Alitalia Airlines Italia 02-2222-7890 02-2222-7890 AZ AZA
야쿠티아 항공 Yautia Airlines Russia 02-335-6944 032-744-6944 R3 SYL
양쯔강익스프레스항공 Yangtz River Express Airlines China Y8 YZR
에미레이트항공 Emirate Airlines Arab Emirates 02-2022-8400 032-743-8101 EK UAE
에바항공 Eva Air Taiwan 02-756-0015 032-744-3512 BR EVA
에어 마카오 Air Macao China 02-779-8899 032-743-8999 NX AMU
에어 유로파 Air Europa Spain 1588-2001 032-742-7654 UX AEA
에어 프랑스 Air France France 02-3483-1033 032-744-4900~1 AF AFR
에어로로직 Aero Logic Germany 032-744-0884 3S 3SX
에어로플로트항공 Aeroflot Airlines Russia 032-744-8672~3 032-744-8672~3 SU AFL
에어브릿지 Airbridge Russia 02-712-5803 032-744-1419 RU ABW
에어서울 Air Seoul Korea 1800-8100 1800-8100 RS ASV
에어아스타나 Air Astana Kazakstan 02-3788-9170 032-743-2620 KC KZR
에어아시아 필리핀 Air Asia Philippines Philippines 050-4092-00525 050-4092-00525 Z2 EZD
에어아시아엑스 Asia X Malaysia 050-4092-00525 032-743-4333 D7 XAX
에어인디아 Air India India 02-752-6310 032-743-0321 AI AIC
에어인천 Air Incheon Korea 032-719-7890 032-719-7890 KJ AIH
에어재팬 Air Japan Japan NQ AJX
에어캐나다 Air Canada Canada 02-3788-0100 032-744-0898~9 AC ACA
에어홍콩 Air Hong Kong China 032)744-6766 LD AHK
에티오피아항공 Ethiopia Airlines Ethiopia 02-733-0325 032-743-5698 ET ETH
에티하드 항공 Etihad Airlines Arab Emirates 02-3483-4888
(Reservation/ticket of issue)
032-743-8760 EY ETD
영국항공 British Airlines United Kingdom 02-3483-3337 032-743-5703 BA BAW
오로라항공 Aurora Airlines Russia 02-318-7033 032-741-6035 HZ SHU
우즈베키스탄항공 Uzbek Air Uzbekistan 02-754-1041 032-744-3700 HY UZB
유나이티드항공 United Airlines U.S.A 02-751-0300 032-744-6666 UA UAL
유니항공 Uni Air Taiwan 02-756-0015 032-744-3512 B7 UIA
유피에스항공 U.P.S. Airline U.S.A 1588-6886 032-744-3000, 3041 5X UPS
이스타항공 Easter Jet Korea 1544-0080 070-8660-8175 ZE ESR
일본항공 Japan Airlines Japan 02-757-1711 032-744-3601~3 JL JAL
제주항공 Jeju Airlines Korea 1599-1500 1599-1500 7C JJA
제트 에어웨이즈 Jet Air Ways India - - 9W JAI
중국국제항공 Air China China 02-774-6886 032-744-3255~6 CA CCA
중국남방항공 China Southern Airlines China 1899-5539 032-743-3455~6 CZ CSN
중국동방항공 China Northern Airlines China 1661-2600 032-744-3780 MU CES
중국우정항공 China Postal Airlines China 032-744-4785 CF CYZ
중국하문항공 Xiamen Airlines China 02-3455-1666 MF CXA
중국화물항공 Cargo Airlines China 02-518-0330 032-744-3793 CK CKK
중화항공 China Airlines Taiwan 02-317-8888 032-743-1513~4 CI CAL
진에어 Jin Air Korea 1600-6200 032-743-1504 LJ JNA
체코항공 Czech Airlines Czech 1544-9474 1544-9474 OK CSA
춘추항공 Spring Airlines China 9C CQH
카고룩스항공 Cargolux Airlines Luxembourg 032-744-3711 CV CLX
카타르항공 Qatar Airlines Qatar 02-3772-9000 032-744-3370~72 QR QTR
캄보디아 앙코르 항공 Cambodia Ankor Airlines Cambodia 02-730-1900 02-730-1900 K6 VAV
캐세이패시픽항공 Cathay Pacific Airlines China 1644-8003 032-744-6777 CX CPA
케이엘엠네덜란드항공 KLM Airlines Nederlanden 02-3483-1133 032-744-6700~1 KL KLM
콴타스항공 Qantas Airlines Limited Australia - - QF QFA
타이에어아시아엑스 Thai Airasia X Thailand 050-4092-00525 050-4092-00525 XJ TAX
타이항공 Thai Airlines Thailand 02-3707-0114 032-744-3571 TG THA
터키항공 Turkey Airlines Turkey 02-3789-7054 032-744-3737 TK THY
텐진 에어라인 Tianjin Airlines China - - GS GCR
티웨이항공 Tway Air Korea 1688-8686 1688-8686 TW TWB
팔익스프레스 항공 Pal Express Airlines Philippines 02-2085-8720 032-744-3720~2 2P GAP
팬퍼시픽항공 Pan Pacific Airlines Philippines 032-743-8700 032-743-8700 8Y AAP
페덱스 Fedex U.S.A - 032-744-6114, 6230 FX FDX
폴라에어카고 Polar Air Cargo U.S.A - 032-744-4215 PO PAC
폴란드항공 Poland Airlines Poland 02-3788-0270 02-3788-0270 LO LOT
피치항공 Peach Airlines Japan 02-3483-4835 032-743-5699 MM APJ
핀에어 Fin Air Finland 02-730-0067 032-743-5698 AY FIN
필리핀항공 Philippines Airline Philippines 1544-1717 032-744-3720~2 PR PAL
하와이안항공 Hawaiian Airlines U.S.A 02-775-5552 032-743-7483 HA HAL
홍콩익스프레스항공 Hong Kong Express Airlines. Hong Kong 007-988-523-8014 9:00 a.m. to 18:18 AM, domestic rates the application UO HKE
홍콩항공 Hong Kong Airlines. Hong Kong 02-317-8899 032-743-1012 HX CRK