Total Logistics Solution


Procedures and guidelines on moving in and out of the country as well as the tripartite international moving that ANEX will be providing for easy and safe moving.
  • 1.Request for
  • 2.Pre – Move
  • 3.Contract
  • 4.Packing service
  • 5.Trucking & Export
    customs clearance
  • 6.Shipping
  • 7.Customs
  • 8.Home


Request for counseling
We can provide an estimated price for the customers’ foreign moving budget and schedule whenever a customer contacts us through our homepage, email or landline. Kindly apply the visiting estimate for exact measurement of the freight and conditions of moving.


Pre – Move survey
We will provide a free visiting estimate based on the schedule of the customer. We will inform you of the general process of progression when you visit, such as clearance information, information on living in that country and necessities by checking the freight information and transportation conditions.


Operating and packing timetables are made based on the situation and the expected schedule of the customers. We will also provide you the contract covering the freight transportation


Packing service
The packaging team is consisting of professional employees who have specialized in transporting cargo for more than 10 years. We also make sure to pack your valuable cargo safely and securely.
We unload the cargo using ladder truck or lift based on the current work conditions and we place the packed cargo to the appropriate containers.
We principally work at the customer’s home with his or her presence to prevent possible damage and loss of the cargo while moving it. In case in which we have to do outer packing, we will process it at our warehouse using modern technology.
Necessary Documents: Passport & copy of visa, Insurance application documents, other documents that customs may require


Trucking & Export customs clearance
Packed cargo would generally enter through our warehouse and are loaded into the appropriate containers.
The customer’s container with cargo is moved to the appropriate port of loading based on the departure schedule and is issued with export report certificates after the examination on clearance.


Customers are issued with an Ocean Bill of Lading and an insurance certificate when the Shipping of the container with the cargo is completed.
We deliver accordingly the cargo, its contents and Shipping documents according to the schedule of the customers through the local agent after the Shipping.


Customs Clearance Quarantine
Our agents in various countries execute the job needed to acquire freight clearance by collecting the documents for customs.
In some situations, we request for the customer’s participation based on the customs act at the destination.


Home Delivery
The cargo that went through clearance is delivered to the destination after double checking the address.
Delivery is made to the inside of the house. Kindly check the condition of the cargo and if it is exactly what you have asked to deliver based on the list written at the point of departure.