Total Logistics Solution

Sea Freight

Experience an entirely different service that is competitive for both import and export through the globally optimized network and distribution professionals of ANEX.
ANEX mainly leads the forwarding industry and has been transacting with various domestic corporations as well as institutions that are based in other countries.
In addition, we give competitive and the best rates and services for both and export through cooperation with our distinguished partners.
We will always provide the best customizable ocean freight services through extensive preparation of strategies and planning.
ANEX, the Powerful maritime transportation forwarder.
  • 01.High-tech service
    that is combined
    with IT

    Simplication of document procedures by establishing high-tech services combined with IT, ships and clearance and EDI data processing systems.
  • 02.Designated

    Tracking freight that is on transit around the world through a monitoring system.
  • 03.Registration to sectional specialized transportation

    Pro-active accident prevention by providing you with regional insurance registration
  • 04.Efficient dispatch of e-mail by officer in charge whenever a shipment is delayed

    When delays occur, our officer in charge of monitoring will update you quickly and efficiently by sending of e-mail
  • 05.Providing service to customers

    Providing service by designating a specific sales person and business partner
Introduction of Service
ANEX, a leader in the world’s distribution industry, innovatively reduces the customer’s distribution cost and contributes to the growth of the corporation with a marine route connected to the world. It efficiently utilizes the specific information on the import/export process and distribution, as well as the know-how of its professionals.
Container Service
Container service of ANEX apprehends the diversifying market situation and continuing the best effort to provide service with competitive and rapid cost.
In addition, it is providing Total logistics service that systematically administers all the processes such as transportation before and after marine transportation, packaging, unloading and storage.
Service goods
Container service
Types Description
FCL (Full Container Load) Provides rapid and flexible ocean FCL service through various sea routes and strong partnerships
LCL (Less than Container Load) Extensively provides our consolidation efficiently through a safe service and competitive rates
Specialized container
(as well as Live animals, perishable cargo)
Provides specialized container services such as SOC (Shipper’s Own Container),
     and ISO (International Standard Organization) Tank, Flexibag and Reefer Containers
Sea & Air Service Provides a unique service that is faster than ocean and cheaper than air by
    combining only the advantages of the two transportation modes
Door to Door Service A comprehensive service that packs, transports, clears and writes documents up to
     the final destination through broad foreign networks
Tripartite Transportation Service Provides a service that maximizes the satisfaction of customers through the convenient
     operations process of reducing transportation fees and publishing switch BL
     as it transports the cargo involving three nations to the final destination through
     an interconnected network
Transportation service of dangerous goods Provides a transportation service that safely transports dangerous goods that may
     be flammable, explosive, poisonous and corrosive that may risk lives, ships and cargo.
Container type
1. Dry Container (20', 40', 40HC, 45')
Standard 20ft 40ft 40ft HC 45ft
Inner dimension (mm) length 5,899 12,034 12,034 13,555
width 2,348 2,348 2,348 2,348
height 2,376 2,376 2,695 2,695
opening dimension(mm) width 2,336 2,336 2,336 2,336
height 2,278 2,278 2,583 2,583
interior droplet(CBM) 33.100 67.500 76.100 85.700
weight(KG) dead weight 2,290 3,890 4,150 4,880
Maximum weight 21,710 26,590 26,330 25,600
total weight 24,000 30,480 30,480 30,480
2. Flat Rack Container(20',40')
Standard 20ft 40ft
Inner dimension (mm) length 5,624 11,786
width 2,236 2,236
height 2,243 1,968
opening dimension(mm) width - -
height - -
interior droplet(CBM) 27.900 51.900
weight(KG) dead weight 2,900 5,870
Maximum weight 27,580 28,130
total weight 30,480 34,000
3. Open Top Container(20',40')
Standard 20ft 40ft
Inner dimension (mm) length 5,900 12,020
width 2,354 2,344
height 2,367 2,356
opening dimension(mm) width - -
height - -
interior droplet(CBM) 32.800 66.400
weight(KG) dead weight 2,400 4,020
Maximum weight 28,080 30,480
total weight 30,480 34,500
4. Reefer Container (20', 40', 40' HC)
Standard 20ft 40ft 40ft HC
Inner dimension (mm) length 5,455 11,554 11,554
width 2,290 2,290 2,290
height 2,262 2,216 2,538
Inner dimension (mm) width 2,286 2,286 2,286
height 2,227 2,182 2,491
interior droplet(CBM) 28.300 58.500 67.300
weight(KG) dead weight 2,960 4,240 4,800
Maximum weight 21,040 26,280 25,680
total weight 24,000 30,520 30,480
Advantages of the service
ANEX, which has created a close relationship with most of the ships around the world, created specialized service that fits the characteristics of each countries and provide appropriate solutions regarding it. ANEX especially establishes IT based system and network and provides practical monitoring of marine freights due to that. Meet both safety and logistics cost reduction.
Export processing flow
Import processing flow
Transit between 3 countries
Container type
Dry Container

Classification weight possible to ship capacity
20F DR 21.70~28.24t 33.30CBM
40F DR 26.74~26.85t 67.70CBM
40F HC 26.58~26.60t 76.50CBM
Reefer Container

Classification weight possible to ship capacity
20F DR 17.09~27.28t 26.20CBM
40F DR 25.08~25.98t 57.70CBM
40F HC 25.78~29.25t 66.70CBM
Open Top Container

Classification weight possible to ship capacity
20F 21.77~28.23t 31.80CBM
40F 26.83~28.23t 67.10CBM
Flat Rack Container

Classification weight possible to ship
20F 17.85~30.15t
40F 40.10t
ISO Tank Container

Classification weight possible to ship
20F 36t
Regarding Bulk Service
Types of Service
types contents
Dry Bulk based on the General cargo transportation and freight transportation experience,
     it is focusing on capability to gradually expand the bulk business

     Based on the bulk service in South East Asia, the service is being expanded
Advantages of the service
It is retaining various ship owner channels and networks inside and outside of the country which makes it possible to realize the competitiveness of the freight charges.
It is providing the on-time monitoring of the corresponding cargo based on IT and practical values to the customers with services such as payment management and dealing with claims.
We are doing everything that we can to provide the best service with the most effective methods and the most economical costs to meet the needs of customers arising from various transportation paths and methods, and catering bulk freight through ship.
We will transport your cargo to the place you want safely with our knowledge accumulated by ample bulk-processing experience that perfectly fits the form and size of various cargo