Total Logistics Solution

Types of Service

Door-To-Inside Service
The most common service is the transportation of cargo from the customer’s current house to the house that the customer is moving to.
We will provide you a service that delivers cargo to the destination and arrange your appliances to their rightful places.
Door-To-Full Service
It is a total transportation service package that delivers, assembles and arranges all the cargo in the current house to the future house.
Since we arrange even the smallest products together with the total moving services of our company. It is your opportunity to grab this convenient service as if you were availing it in Korea.
A service that transports cargo from the place you are currently living in to the place you are moving to.
The customer will have to proceed with the clearance of the goods and arrange the transportation process and delivery by yourself. You will also shoulder the included costs of domestic transport, clearance and ocean freight. It is a practical service that reduces the service charge with the customers taking more responsibility.